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Talks November 2023_tech

We thank the Michael Stifel Center Jena and the Stellarium Funds for supporting our meeting!


Welcome Address

The Director of the Michael Stifel Center Jena

by Prof. Dr. B. König-Ries


Transformations of Constellations by Intercultural Transfers

Susanne M Hoffmann, 
Doris Vickers

History of the WGSN

For what purpose was the group founded?

by Eric Mamajek

Stellarium for Cultural Astronomy research

Georg Zotti explains how Stellarium has evolved over time to enable cultural astronomy research.


added on request of the audience.

Sky Cultures in Stellarium Mobile/Web

Fabien Chereau proposes a new data format for the implementation of sky cultures in Stellarium Mobile/Web.

The skies of the Inca

Steven R. Gullberg gives an overview over his research into Inca Astronomy and the application of Stellarium for solving some of the riddles.

The astronomy of the Lokono people

Konrad Rybka has studied the astronomical knowledge of the Lokono people and has implemented constellations and pronounciation audio files into Stellarium.

South American ethnoastronomy

Alejandro Lopez reports about his experiences with exploring ethnoastronomy of the Moqoit people in Southern America.

Aboriginal Star Names of Australia

Duane Hamacher elaborates on the difficulty of applying aboriginal star names of the oral cultures of Australia.