Planet Earth
International Astronomical Union WGSN

Talks (Overview, 2023)

We thank the
Michael Stifel Center Jena and the Stellarium Funds
for supporting our meeting!


Welcome Address

The Director of the Michael Stifel Center Jena, Prof. Dr. B. König-Ries, cordially welcomes the participants to the city of Jena.


Susanne M Hoffmann and Doris Vickers present some transformations of constellations by intercultural transfers … and open the conference with a set of questions.

History of the WGSN

Eric Mamajek gives an historical overview over the aims and scope of the IAU Working Group on Star Names.

Stellarium for Cultural Astronomy research

Georg Zotti explains how Stellarium has evolved over time to enable cultural astronomy research.


added on request of the audience.

Sky Cultures in Stellarium Mobile/Web

Fabien Chereau proposes a new data format for the implementation of sky cultures in Stellarium Mobile/Web.

Stars in Worldwide Mythology

Marc Thuillard presents a cross-cultural analysis with new methods for “digital humanities”.

Constellation line figures: forming and analysing a scholarly dataset 

Doina Bucur presents a network analysis (new method) performed against the datasets in the Stellarium repositories.

We share the PDF:

Visualisation of Heavens – the database

Rana Brentjes presents the image database of the MPI for the History of Science (Berlin)