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International Astronomical Union WGSN

WG Star Names

WGSN is a Working Group
of the IAU Division C: Education, Outreach and Heritage

There are colloquial star names that are used in public presentations only.

There are also star names that are officially agreed upon and enlisted in a catalogue by the International Astronomical Union.

As it was necessary to define constellation borders in the 1920s, the 2020s are dedicated to collect star names from all over the world. We will collect it in the database. Here we present some explanations and reasons.

Catalog of Star Names

We understand our work on historical and indigenous star names as a service for humankind – and not as command or law to use only the names in the IAU name list. In contrast: If you know more names or have objections, please feel free to approach us or even join our group (as an full or associated member).