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the exoplanetarium of the Working Group Star Names.

In our exoplanetarium we present:
 * the modern star names and their (hi)stories
 * constellations and their real (hi)stories  
 * some teaching material for the astronomy of exoplanets 

Sorry, we currently don't accept name proposals; only naming campaigns do. These modern star names are given to (faint) host stars of exoplanets. For bright stars historical names from all over the world are collected and applied to stars according to scientific criteria.

Star Names

Some star names are historically developed, other take from indigenous cultures and some are totally artificial.



even if you think you know them, you still can learn something new here.


Our recorded talks
and public events

Some suggestions for historical experiments.

Latest News

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WGSN explained by Eric Mamajek

For the scientific meeting in November 2023, the founder of the Working Group summarized the ideas, goals and developments.

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Talk by Alejandro M. López

South American Ethnoastronomy What are the methods, results, data that are collected?

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WGSN meets Stellarium

The Working Group Star Names (WGSN) and the Stellarium team met in Jena from 1 to 3 November 2023 to think about ways of managing cultural data together. Astronomy is[…]

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Some photographs: astronomy on planet Earth

Our world is a beautiful place – we need to take care of it!

Moon Through Telescope

Lunar eclipse, observed at Hildesheim (Europe)

Rainbow above Sahara

Observed in Mauretania (Africa)

Short before Transit of Mercury

northwest Sahara (Africa)

a modern Zeiss planetarium

constellation Orion in the dome