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Star Names

Some star names are historically developed, other take from indigenous cultures and some are totally artificial.

IAU Star Names

even if you think you know them, you still can learn something new here.

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Modern Astrophysics

analogue experiments to understand exoplanets
work like a real physicist with astronomical topics and household means

How does it work?
Citizen Science

Naked Eye observations:
Participate in data collection! 

Naked Eye Astronomy

Some suggestions for historical experiments.

Link to list of experiments

Latest News

screenshot from talk on constellations (linked to youTube)
Pluto (dwarf planet, 2006)

Ketkar and the Discovery of Pluto

The Indian astronomer Ketkar had predicted Pluto (and another planet) much more precise than the American and European people who ran the survey programs. However, the discovery in America in[…]

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screenshot from talk on constellations (linked to youTube)

Talk: Wie der Löwe an den Himmel kam

Wie der Löwe an den Himmel kam (Franckh-Kosmos-Verlag 2021) Das neue Buch über die wahren Geschichten der Sternbilder.

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at home on planet Earth

… bestrebt, das eigene Wissen mit seinen menschlichen Bewohnern zu teilen.

Some photographs: astronomy on planet Earth

Our world is a beautiful place – we need to take care of it!

Moon Through Telescope

Lunar eclipse, observed at Hildesheim (Europe)

Rainbow above Sahara

Observed in Mauretania (Africa)

Short before Transit of Mercury

northwest Sahara (Africa)

a modern Zeiss planetarium

constellation Orion in the dome